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Expiry Date: 11/2026


For Trial $25 (1 Layer contain 15 Tablets)


The VigRX Plus® Quadruple Advantage:


Four indisputable reasons why VigRX Plus® consistently chosen by men around the world…


Advantage #1 – Scientifically Engineered Formulation

The VigRX Plus® formulation is the work of 10+ years of research in the field of men’s sexual health, taking the latest developments from the world of medical science and slowly refining the formulation…

… To give you a combination of ingredients that’s truly on the cutting-edge of men’s sexual and reproductive health.


Advantage #2 – Optimized Dosing

With VigRX Plus®, you get the MAXIMUM dose of each ingredient necessary to produce consistent results. We don’t use cheap, sawdust fillers like so many other pills on the market today, who promise a quality formulation, but don’t deliver the necessary dosage.

Every ingredient is included in the optimum quantity, so you can expect to enjoy reliable, consistent results.


Advantage #3 – Freshest, Quality Ingredients

It only makes sense… The quality of ingredients used in ANY supplement you choose is going to impact the results you achieve.

That’s why we insist that VigRX Plus® is produced with the finest quality, freshest ingredients available. Does this negatively impact our bottom line? Initially, yes.

But in our experience, selling a superior product earns us loyal, lifetime customers. So we willingly take the hit to earn your business for years to come.


Advantage #4 – Maximum Absorption With Bioperine

We’re excited to announce that VigRX Plus® now includes BioPerine, which has been proven in multiple U.S. clinical studies and earned several U.S. patents for its unique ability to DRAMATICALLY increase the absorption of the ingredients it is combined with.

Simply put – BioPerine makes the ingredients in VigRX Plus® work even BETTER!


VigRX Plus® Ingredients


Damiana – Used as medicine since the Mayans walked the earth and promotes oxygen supply and increases blood flowand nerve impulses to your penis. (This is a VERY good thing!)


Epimedium Leaf Extract – Also called “Horny Goat Weed” for good reason – aids the body in the transport of Nitric Oxide that encourages your body to increase production of testosterone!


Asian Red Ginseng – Recorded as an aphrodisiac back in 3500 BC by China’s Emperor Shen-Nung considered to be “the father of Chinese medicine” who is quoted as saying he got a “warm and sexually pleasurable feeling” when taking Ginseng.


Muira Pauma Bark Extract – Also known, believe it or not, as “erection root”; this extract has been used by tribes in Brazil for thousands of years.


Hawthorn Berry – Hawthorn berries are filled with antioxidants and bioflavonoids which help stimulate blood flow to the penis and help maintain and prolong erections!


Catuaba Bark Extract – Catuaba is indigenous to Brazil and Peru and is used by men there to increase sexual desire and appetite.


Saw Palmetto – The hormonal impact of saw palmetto primarily affects testosterone pathways and it has been used for hundreds of years as a treatment for sexual inadequacies.


Ginkgo Biloba – Blood flow enhancement helps increase the quality of your erectionand even The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has said using Ginkgo Biloba can help fight issues in the bedroom.


Bioperine – By adding Bioperine to this already potent cocktail of sexually enhancing herbs and compounds, your body will process up to 40% MORE of it giving you the long term BOOST you need to regain your sexual prowess and stamina.


*Bigger, Rock-Hard Erections

*Increased Erection Ability

*Increased Sexual Drive & Desire

*Amazing Strength, Stamina and Energy

*Greater Confidence & Reduced Anxiety

*Incredible Sexual Performance and Pleasure

*Better Health of Important Body Functions

*Total Satisfaction For You and Her!

*The Greatest Sex Life You Ever Had!


How Fast Can I Expect Results?


Results with VigRX Plus® build over a period of 30-60 days

… As the ingredients build up in your system!


VigRX Plus® has been formulated to improve your erection quality, control, and sex drive so you can enjoy unlimited, spontaneous sex…


No planning, no waiting.


But remember: once you’ve been taking VigRX Plus® for 60 to 90 days, you must continue taking it to maintain the results. Otherwise the ingredients will slowly disappear from your system, and your previous sexual dissatisfactions will likely reoccur.


Raw Testimonials From Guys Who’ve Tried VigRX Plus For Themselves


"My penis is longer, fuller and thicker…"

After 3 ½ weeks my erect penis is longer, fuller and thicker and the frequency of erections and stamina are both increased. I have more powerful and intense orgasms.

-Jason Quinones, Florida


“I feel hornier than a teenager…”

I found an increase in sexual feelings and prolonger climax… I feel hornier than a teenager!

Richard Mahon, New York, NY


Instruction: 2 Tablets best taken after meal (Daytime)


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Original USA Product

Unique Code on the Box.

VigRX Plus is not a Medicine!

Its a Daily Supplement.


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Original VigRX Plus from USA

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