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VigFX is the Extreme Version of VigRX Plus!


VigFX also has the Highest Quality & the Finest Herbal Ingredients Naturally Used for Penis Enlargement & Sexual Boost Enhancement!


The most common Sexual Problems in Men are Small size penis, ejaculation disorders, erectile dysfunction, and inhibited (Low) sexual desire.

(Article taken from WebMD.com)


The Solution? 


Overview of the Vital Effects of VigFX 

  • Ability to achieve huge, harder erections and sustain them for longer due to enhanced control over sexual performance. 
  • Huge boost in libido and sexual satisfaction (intense orgasms) 
  • Maximum absorption capsules 
  • Stimulates sexual desire and Better mood 
  • Enhanced workout results and high levels of energy 
  • Faster recovery especially after intimacy and other intense physical activities. 
  • More pleasurable/enjoyable intimate moments 
  • Clinically proven using real life trials 
  • Improves natural virility 
  • From a reputable and highly respected company!


The effects of this fast-acting natural supplement are usually experienced within 3 months (approximately 84 days) of starting the program.


Some of the most notable effects during the first months include huge, stronger and harder erections. In the second month, you will enjoy more stamina which means you can have sex frequently with natural virility.


How does VigFX work?


Besides boosting sex drive, VigFX gives you massive, harder erections, enhanced endurance, amazing virility and faster recovery. Since this supplement is entirely based on effective natural extracts, it affects circulation which allows more blood to be pumped into the penile tissue


Moreover, VigFX is not your normal sex pill primarily because its absorption and effect is amplified by and enteric coated liquid gel which ensures fast absorption of the formula into your bloodstream resulting in rapid, more reliable effects

Therefore, its absorption rate is about 90% faster than the ordinary supplements.


VigFX turns ordinary guys into alpha dogs. 

It's a hurricane – you've been warned – that will give you the PRIMITIVE desire – and ABILITY – to fulfill your natural right to procreate as a man!


Check Out VigFX Powerful Ingredients!


Damiana extract 

Boosts the level of testosterone in the body and also used for orgasm enhancement and erectile dysfunction. 

Epimedium leaf extract 

A libido and erection-enhancing herb and is known as icariin which improves the flow of blood to the penile tissues and other sexual boosting benefits. 

Ginkgo Biloba 

Helps improve mental alertness, circulation health, and vitality. also improve erection because the blood can easily flow into your penis. 

Korean Red Ginseng 

Enhances sexual performance, prevents premature ejaculation and also boosts stamina

Saw Palmetto Berry 

A very effective libido booster that doubles up as a very popular aphrodisiac and sexual stimulant. Saw palmetto can be used for the treatment of various urinary infections. 

Muira Puama 

A potent natural aphrodisiac and libido enhancing agent that helps restore sexual virility while still increasing potency and sexual desire in men. 

Catuba Bark Extract 

This is essential for intensifying pleasure during sex. 

Hawthorne Berry 

This berry contains very powerful antioxidants that used for sexual health in men by helping improve cardiovascular health and blood circulation which is vital for overall sexual health.


A clinically proven compound to increase the absorption rate and enhance the effects of this natural supplement. Therefore, bioperine is added to the formula in order to increase the absorption of coenzymes such as Q10 for rapid effects. 


Simply put, VigFX helps guys get play like no other supplement on the market. That's because VigFX is a natural high-octane powerhouse with Bioperine and enteric coating.


VigFX uses soft gelcaps with enteric coating. This protects the ingredients from dissolving in stomach acid and delivers them to the small intestine where they're put to use. Where you might absorb 15% of a non-enterically coated product, this puts VigFX in the 80% to 90% bioavailability range...


If you're up to the challenge, most guys find they're up and live in less than 3 Months:

1st Month

You'll see bigger erection size in the first 4 weeks, because the VigFX formula increases capacity of the two chambers that receive and hold blood during arousal.

2nd Month

You're getting thicker now, and your stamina's getting better by the day. And you're having more sex because your libido is firing on all cylinders – and then some.

3rd Month

This is where you hit your stride with VigFX. You're a beast when this happens, typically by 3 months, with VigFX's all-natural and doctor-approved formula.



3 Capsules per Day.

Contains 90 Capsules per Bottle.

Original Product from

LeadingEdgeHealth USA

Official site


Original VigFX from USA