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Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight IS BACK!

Bold & Tighter than Before


Practice makes perfect, especially in the bedroom. The Stamina Training Unit forces you to be better in bed. No 1 Top Selling Fleshlight in the World! Looking for a new way to perform better and last longer...


The Stamina Training Unit was specifically designed to replicate the intense sensations of intercourse, which can help users increase sexual stamina, improve performance and techniques, and heighten and intensify orgasms.


Perform Better! Last Longer! The Stamina Training Unit designed to elevate the intense sensations of intercourse. Increase sexual stamina. Improve performance. Heighten and intensify orgasms.


Learn the skills!

Practice the techniques!


There are two obstacles hindering a man’s ability to last longer in bed. First there is the incredible sensation of divine friction. Then there is your mind. Train For Success! If you are to learn only one skill with your STU, this is it. 


Mastery of the art of brinksmanship is the single most effective and pleasurable technique for increasing sexual stamina. Slow The Pace! Sometimes all it takes is slowing your penetration pace in order to get back your composure. This method is least likely to interrupt your girl’s progression to orgasm.


Limit The Depth! Changing the depth of penetration is a simple technique that is still highly effective. This is generally a good idea to mix in every once in a while even if you aren’t on the brink. 



Length - 10 x 3.8 x 3.8 inches 

Girth - Approximately 3" inner wall (stretches)

Material - Patented Superskin 

Special features - Removable sleeve, discreet case, realistic material, phthalate free, waterproof, highly skin feel textured 

Color - Pink sleeve


FleshLight Berkualiti Tinggi.

Real Taste of Real Pussy!



Free Delivery Brunei Muara Only

For Tutong and KB (Add $3)

Stamina Training Unit Fleshlight