Love toy revolutionary silicone Natural Extender is incredibly lifelike that create authentic sensation both inside and out.Made of blends of very high grade premium silicone imported from Germany and USA. It feels so comfortable just like the real shaft.

Offering an extra 2 inches in length and 40% increase in girth. It gets the job done perfectly. You ll love the natural penis extender over your shaft which boasts an incredibly realistic softness while the trim-to-fit shaft ensures you benefit firm a tailored fit and maximum control during exploration.

The silicone natural extender can be cleaned easily and effectively with warm, soapy water.
Always use a generous amount of waterbased lubricant with this product.

Water based lubricant recommended.


Key Features

  • Revolutionary Silicone Nature penis sleeve
  • Proudly made of blends of very high grade premium silicone
  • Imported from Germany and USA.
  • Super real feel experience with this cock extender which worth every inch.
  • A superior quality extender built to give a lifetime of pleasure
  • Total length 6.5” Enhances penis.
  • Add 1 inches length,extra 40% girth increase
  • Designed to wear during intercourse.
  • End can be trimmed to customize the fit.
  • Super stretchy to accommodate any man.
  • Firm tip for easy penetration.
  • Waterproof,Latex free,Phthalate free.
  • Color: Flesh


High Quality Product from Lovetoys.

Revolutionary Silicone Nature Extender

Color: flesh