Tipped by a subtly bulbous, perfectly up-angled head, the P-Spot rests against the orgasm-inducing prostate gland easily and comfortably with contractions of the pelvic and anal muscles or manual manipulation- a smoothly rounded arm reaching up from the base meanwhile targets the ultra sensitive perineum while a long curled handle allows for precision control and safe, worry-free wear.


Some men report that this type of toy helps with stamina, providing sensations to focus on other than penile stimulation, and prostate massager are often said to improve erection strength and definitely orgasm intensity. Either way, discovering the effects for yourself will definitely be enjoyable, and keep in mind that massage is thought to improve prostate health, so you really can't go wrong. Use a good quality water or silicone based lubricant to assist with smooth, comfortable insertion, and be sure to wash well before and after use.


High Quality Smooth Plastic Material

White Color

3 sizes Available S / M / L

Free 1 packet water lubricant inside!


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Prostate Massager


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