Velcro Ankle to Wrist Restraints With Bowknot - $25 Only (In Stocks Now!)

Velcro Ankle to Wrist Restraints With Bowknot
Be My Slave!

Strong Velcro Cuffs of this Bondage Restraint are durable, reliable and soft.

This wrist & Ankle Bondage Restraint is Easy to use, adjustable cuffs restrain wrists and ankles simultaneously.Let your imagination take you beyond your physical limits. 

The process of using this Bondage Restraint in which you and your lover passion, without regard to the interpretation of the love and enjoy the love of sweet and colorful metamorphosis!
Add a little difference to your unusual sexual life.

Strong and durable ankle to wrist restraints with adjustable velcro cuffs. 

They're not going anywhere once put into this....

Color: Black

Material: Nylon + Metal
Size: One size fit most

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