New 4D Japanese Hentai Masturbators - (In Stocks Now!)

New Arrival
 Original Japanese Hentai Masturbators

Slide in and experience different sensations with multiple textures! This exciting range of  Japan Masturbators are labeled as 'uterus'. The realistic structure of this masturbator is made with safe and odorless "love rubber" skin. 

The extremely durable material of this sex toy keeps your masturbator clean and sharp. Squeeze right to the back and when you will reach the portio, with the aid of some lube, push in tighter and penetrate this uterus. This closed-type onahole simulates uterus sex with realistic skin texture and color.



Realistic skin texture and color replicates a real uterus! 
Perfect combination of durability, stimulation and realistic appearance! 
TPE/TPR material is safe for use and does not cause any irritation! 
High stimulating interior design provides extra pleasure!



Masturbator (4D) with Heating Rod  - $45
Masturbator without Heating Rod - $35

Use any power adapter 5v for heating rod

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